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MonSEFF | Loan for new boiler | Anu Replacing old boilers with modern and efficient ones

Replacing old boilers with modern and efficient ones

MonSEFF case study (Mongolia)



  • A producer of hot water for space heating decided to replace old inefficient boilers operated  with manual controls, in order to save energy and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.



  • MonSEFF team advised the company to replace the old BZIU-100 Boilers with modern EFECKT & KB  Boilers  with automatic controls.
    The fuel consumption of the old boilers  was 7,549,342 kg/yr, and by replacing with new modern and energy efficient boilers, the new consumption is expected to be 4,383,593 kg/yr.



  • Loan:  $ 777,615



  • The MonSEFF team visited the company and, based on the gathered data, calculated the fuel and cost savings from upgrading old out-dated boilers to modern boilers with automatic controls.





  • Payback period: 5.2 years
  • Internal rate of return (IRR): 21.5%
  • Energy saving: 12,030 MWh/year
  • Costs Saving: 128,071 USD/year
  • Carbon emission reductions: 4,403 tonnes per year
  • Other benefits: reduced maintenance costs, lower failure and reduced unexpected interruptions

   MonSEFF success story