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Replacement of candy production line

MonSEFF case study (Mongolia)



  • A Mongolian company specialised in production and trading of a wide variety of candy and chocolate products. Company strategy in terms of production equipment is oriented toward high-quality, automatic and efficient equipment in all stages of production. 



  • The company decided to replace an inefficient candy production system (manufactured in China, purchased as second-hand equipment) with a new, more efficient one. This new technology is 78% more energy efficient, particularly thanks to higher efficiency of electrical motors, Variable Speed Drives installed at the different motors and significant optimization of production layout.



  • Loan:  $ 56,300



  • The MonSEFF team visited the company production site and, based on the gathered data, calculated the energy and cost savings related to the investment.





  • Payback period: 8 years
  • Internal rate of return (IRR): 11%
  • Energy saving: 232 MWh/year
  • Costs Saving: 9,400 USD/year
  • Carbon emission reductions: 74 tonnes per year
  • Other benefits: Reduced maintenance costs; lower failure and reduced unexpected interruptions;  Increased product quality; simpler and more precise control of the operations

   MonSEFF success story